National Awareness-Raising Workshop on Traffic Regulation Review and Legislative Change on key road-user behavior risk factors

Save the Nation carry out consultative meetings with commercial transport associations and consultative meetings with NGOs, civil societies, and road crash victims’ associations. We had a successful workshop with the stakeholders. Twenty-three associations participated in the workshop, and it was an active interaction and a vibrant one. The workshop opened with Mr. Mesganaw’s speech, followed by Dr. Teferi from Save the Nation. He gave a well-articulated PowerPoint presentation about the road safety situation and its burden on the country, stressing the need for change. Following his presentation, one of the guest speakers, Mr. Tolosa Geda, from the Bloomberg Initiative, gave a presentation on the existing policy gaps. He briefly showed how the current legal framework is an impediment and contrary to the law on the ground, and he explained the need for revision of these policy gaps, which are making the road traffic situation worsen every day. Finally, so many challenging questions and positive opinions poured in from the stakeholders and were taken as input by SNA. At the margins of the workshop, Mr. Yonas Bekele met with key NGOs and CSO leaders to discuss their roles and the way forward.
Overall, it was an event where we gained public support on many fronts, specifically legislative change to the proclamations.