Traffic deaths in the capital decreased by 13 percent in the 2021 fiscal year

Addis Ababa, March 2, 2022; The number of road deaths in the capital has dropped by 13 percent compared to 2020, according to the city’s 2021 road safety annual report.

In contrast, the number of people with disabilities increased by 8 percent.

According to the report, 36 percent of fatalities occurred between 1 pm and 6, with the highest mortality rate of 18% on Friday.

During the fiscal year, 46 percent of motorists exceeded the speed limit, while the number of motorcycles riding above the speed limit was 62 percent, according to the report.

Eighty-three percent of all road users who lost their lives in traffic accidents are pedestrians. Similarly, 71 percent of the disabled are pedestrians. Most pedestrian accidents are caused by crosswalks.

The types of vehicles that killed and injured pedestrians were mainly trucks, trucks, and minibusses carrying 12-16 passengers.

In terms of gender, 87% are fatal and 76% are male. About half of all deaths are among productive citizens between the ages of 20 and 39.

Only 27% of self-propelled motors do the right thing. Only 31% of motorists wear a helmet and 13 percent of passengers.

Most of the passengers in the cab (seating next to the driver), 84 percent, were wearing seat belts, while only 6 percent of the passengers in the back seat were wearing seat belts.

Source: Addis Ababa, Transport Bureau