What we do

The full range of expertise and experience established within Save the Nation

Road Safety Promotion

  • Road Safety education for schools
  • Driver training /Defensive driving
  • Public awareness raising
  • Development of road safety resource materials

Traffic Safety Management

  • Traffic crash analysis and prevention
  • Traffic data collection and analysis

Road Safety Policy and Advocacy

  • Transport, traffic safety and society
  • Policy and regulation on road safety


Consultancy & Training

Save the Nation has been continuously providing content, resources and training to Organisations, Corporates and Individuals. We strongly feel the need to spread road safety awareness and have been assisting people organise workshops, quiz, training sessions and seminars to disseminate information and awareness on Road safety. Over the years we have extended our cooperation and consultancy to the following:


Global Fund

Research Paper on Road Safety

Driver Orientation Program

When: – Since 2015

Where: – Addis Ababa

Why: – This program is an advance level of orientation course designed by the technical team of SNA with the help of driving school owners, fleet managers etc. this program update the drivers with the latest technology and make them refresh & energetic

How: – we serve 2 hours, 4 hours full day orientation program with our national level speakers and trainers. Some time we also interact the driver with the international experts for driver training. We have tie-ups with various driving schools, we have our own flexible modules which is updated time to time.

Result: – SNA has oriented more than 1000 drivers tile 2017 and have taken the feedback that they have learned so many driving skills and happy so say that they are safe drivers now.

Target Audience: – Fleet Drivers, Bus drivers, coach drivers, auto drivers, taxi drives, etc.