7th United Nation Global Road Safety Week

Save the Nation successfully organized a round table discussion on May 17th, 2023, with the Director General of the Traffic Management Agency. During this productive session, Save the Nation expressed its gratitude towards the agency’s unwavering dedication in addressing the commitments made two years ago during the UN Global Road Safety Week. These commitments included implementing a 30 km/h speed limit in proximity to schools and residential areas, which Save the Nation acknowledged as a significant achievement in its effort to establish this measure as a law in the country.

In light of the ongoing UN Global Road Safety Week, Save the Nation emphasized the importance of effectively enforcing the aforementioned speed limit and emphasized the need for the installation of speed-calming infrastructure in areas where the 30 km/h signs have been implemented, particularly in school zones. Save the Nation’s advocacy for these measures was met with a promising response from the agency, assuring that they will continue to address these concerns and work towards fulfilling the demands put forth. Finally, the Director General pledged and signed that his office is committed to fulfilling the promises.

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