Save the Nation held an incredible and transformative workshop orchestrated in collaboration with the Global Road Safety Partnership (GRSP)

With immense joy and pride, we share the incredible success of a transformative workshop orchestrated in collaboration with the Global Road Safety Partnership (GRSP) by Save the Nation. This remarkable event unfolded in the picturesque Sidama Regional State, where minds united for a profound cause: enhancing road safety legal frameworks across Ethiopia.

Distinguished luminaries from diverse domains graced our workshop, infusing their expertise and passion. A stellar lineup included the Director of the Road Traffic Safety Directorate, seasoned stalwarts from the Regional Transport and Road Development Bureau of Sidama Regional Government, and the visionary Director of the Public Transport Deployment Management Directorate. The esteemed gathering also comprised heads of Regional Public Transport Associations, the Regional Police Commission, the Road Traffic Safety and Control Directorate Director, the dynamic leaders of Hawassa City Road Development and Transport Department, the indomitable Road Traffic Safety Coordinator, and the dedicated Director of Hawassa City Police Department Traffic Accident Prevention and Control Directorate. Their active engagement fueled the heart of our collective effort.

At the core of this workshop was a vibrant discussion forum that pulsated with energy, dedicated to unveiling innovative strategies for implementing road traffic safety and road safety legal frameworks within Ethiopia. A beacon of knowledge, Dr. Teferi Abegaz from Save the Nation, illuminated the proceedings with a comprehensive training document that ignited inspiration and action.

The outcomes of our collaborative dialogues are nothing short of monumental. Stakeholders reverberated with the unanimous call to align our nation’s decrees, rules, and regulations with international benchmarks. Remarkably, their discerning eye identified gaps within the existing legal framework, pinpointing laws 208/2003 and 395/2009 for essential amendments, so they hold steadfast against binding criteria. A forward-looking perspective resonated with shared anticipation of forthcoming amendments.

A symphony of unity and purpose echoed as stakeholders embraced the power of collective action. A resounding chord struck as we recognized the paramount significance of unified training initiatives and the seamless integration of fortified laws across regional landscapes. With an unwavering commitment, we pledged to usher in awareness campaigns that bridge information gaps and championed robust enforcement measures for ensuring adherence to uniform and coordinated rules throughout regions.

Our commitment to change echoes beyond the workshop’s horizon. Save the Nation extended its nurturing hand to hold a profound discussion with the head of the Road Transport and Road Safety Awareness Directorate of Director Mr. Abraham Daca, of the Southern Nations and Nationalities People’s Regional Government, (SNNPR) magnifying the ripple effect of our endeavor.

To our esteemed donors, your support is our driving force, and we are deeply humbled and grateful for your role in making this monumental event a reality. Through your generosity, we are creating a tangible impact, enhancing road safety practices, fostering collaboration, and nurturing awareness within Ethiopia.

With hearts full of gratitude, we extend our warmest thanks for your unwavering dedication to this transformative cause. Together, we navigate the path to safer roads, brighter futures, and a world of positive change.