Second Global High-Level Conference on Road Safety

Second Global High-Level Conference on Road Safety

18-19 November 2015

Brasilia, Brazil

The Second Global High-Level Conference on Road Safety, hosted by the Government of Brazil and supported by the WHO, will be a milestone for road safety. For only the second time in history, government ministers and their partners in key decision-making roles from nearly every country of the world will convene to address road safety. The Conference seeks to share knowledge and spur action on what works to prevent these tragedies and improve safety on the roads for all who use them.

Scheduled for 18-19 November 2015 in Brasilia, Brazil, the Conference will gather around 1500 delegates, among them ministers of health, transport and interior from many countries; senior officials from United Nations agencies; representatives of civil society; and business leaders.

Together they will review progress in the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020; define next steps at global and national level to achieve the goal of the Decade of Action to save 5 million lives; and look beyond 2020 to the urgent actions needed to implement the development goals related to road safety.

Main discussion items include:

  • key achievements in the Decade of Action;
  • next steps in achieving the goal of the Decade of Action;
  • road safety towards 2030;
  • global targets and indicators for road safety;
  • pillars of the Global Plan for the Decade of Action; and
  • emerging issues in road safety.

The Conference was decided at an April 2014 United Nations General Assembly resolution A/RES/68/269 meeting on improving global road safety.

Road traffic injuries take the lives of roughly 1.24 million people every year, and injure as many as 50 million more. They are acknowledged by the United Nations and its Member States as a considerable challenge to the achievement of health and development goals.