Traffic crashes have not been reduced to the desired extent – the permanent Committee

Urban Development Construction and Transport Affairs permanent Committee says traffic accidents have not been reduced as expected. The House of Peoples’ Representatives, Urban Development, Construction, and Transport Affairs Permanent Committee, while reviewing the performance of the Federal Transport Authority in the second quarter of the 2013 Ethiopian budget year, urged it to work hard as traffic accidents have not decreased as expected. The Permanent Committee noted that the Federal Transport Authority has done a good job in accelerating the export and import trade, installing speed limiters, and installing road signs and signs and should continue to do so.
On the other hand, delays in the implementation of projects, failure to reduce traffic accidents as expected, harassment in the Addis Ababa and cross-border transport sectors, and low levels of vehicles; Comments were made on the shortcomings in completing the Model Driver Qualification Training. According to information obtained from the House of Peoples ‘Representatives, the Director-General of the House of Peoples’ Representatives said that the program is working to reduce traffic accidents.
Source: Walta information