Rajni Gandhi Profile


Rajni Gandhi

A-309, R G City Centre D B Gupta Road New Delhi – 110055, INDIA T +91 11 43755206 M +91 9810274741 [email protected] [email protected]

Profession                 Founder General Secretary – TRAX S.Society, India

Date of Birth               21st February 1984

Nationality                  Indian

Education                   Master of Art (Psychology) (P) from Indira Gandhi

    Bachelor of Arts (English) from Delhi University, India

Certification in Software Programming From NIIT, Delhi, Certification in ‘Road Traffic Injury Prevention and Control in Low and Middle Income Countries’ from John Hopkins International Injury Research Unit

Global Alliance of NGos Advocate For Road Safety

Post Graduate Road Safety Course from Delft University, The Netherlands

Experience –           12 Years Experience in the field of Road Safety Advocacy and    Awareness

– Participated in

3rd Global Road Safety NGOs Meet, 2013 in Turkey –

4th Global Road Safety NGOs Meet, 2015, Morocco –

2ND High Level Global Conference On Road Safety, Brasilia, 2015,

4th Global Road Safety NGOs Meet, 2017 in Malaysia

2nd Global Road Safety Partnership Conference, 2017, in Philippines

5th Global Road Safety NGOS Meet, 2019 in Greece

3rd High Level Global Conference On Road Safety,2020 in Sweden