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Today we have celebrated World’s Traffic Crash Victims’ Day at Abet Hospital by visiting the victims. Abet Hospital is a

Save the Nation, Team have had fruitful discussions with the Minister of Transport Her Excellency Dagmawit Moges. We have discussed

Keeping right and Overtaking

Keeping right On single-lane roads, you must stay as close as practical to the right side of the road.  


Roundabouts Who gives way at a roundabout? When approaching a roundabout you must give way to all vehicles already on

On Wednesday, 11th September 2019 at 8 pm – 9 pm for a Uganda Debt Network sponsored live talk show

Save the Nation were in Uganda for PAN African Conference, financing alternatives for health and road sectors beyond borrowing. There


Condolences to the Victims and Justice to Families of Victims and Survivors of this Fatal Accident   03 September 2019,

Giving way

Giving way Give way means to slow down and, if necessary, stop in order to prevent a crash from happening.

Sharing the road with animals

Sharing the road with animals   Vehicle drivers must stop at the side of the road and turn off their