It is said that more work needs to be done on the causes of road traffic injuries to reduce road traffic injuries in the capital.

Addis Ababa; June 11; 2013; The Bloomberg Initiative says more work needs to be done to reduce road traffic injury in the city.
Coordinated by Bloomberg Initiative, they discussed with stakeholders at the Radisson blu Hotel to work harder to reduce road traffic injury.
At the forum, it was stated that the issues that are causing road traffic injury should be strengthened to reduce traffic injury carnage in the capital.
Problems such as speed, drink driving, non-use of seat belts, and helmet use are also major concerns.
The main cause of traffic traumas is that the 52 percent of speeding and pedestrian-related collisions said in the meeting. There are have been some intervention that was made by traffic management agency to tackle the risk factors, for instance, by putting speed bumps in some parts of the capital city in areas which were identified as a black spot it has been mentioned that road traffic injuries have been reduced by 37% and it’s said that more work needs to be done in another risk factor too.
It was also discussed how to reduce traffic injuries by maintaining a speed limit controlling drink driving and mobilizing activities campaigning and creating awareness for the public will help and ease the enforcement of the police. 
It was affirmed working on enforcement plus awareness campaigns and media side by side will be an effective tool to achieve the targeted goals in road safety. 
The meeting was attended by officials from the Addis Ababa City Administration Transport Bureau, Traffic Management Agency, the Federal and Addis Ababa Police Commission, the Ethiopian Insurance Corporation, WRI International Organizations, and Save the Nation.

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