Fasten Seat Belts

It is the law to buckle up, but still, many people do not fasten seat belts! On the back seats, […]

Drink Driving

When you are driving, your brain has to deal with many things and process countless data. Alcohol affects your ability […]

Pre Drive Vehicle Check

When your vehicle breaks down, it can turn into a real nightmare, but performing a Pre Drive Vehicle Check potentially […]

Flashing Your Lights

When ever you try to take over a slower car in a fast lane you should flash your head lights. […]

Signal Your Intention

More than 18% of the dead toll on Ethiopia’s roads was attributed to illegal changing of lanes or lane swerving. […]

Driver Time Management

Much of the bad behavior on the streets is caused by drivers who are IN A RUSH to get somewhere […]

Pedestrian Safety

Pedestrian safety must be taken more seriously! More than 12,000 peoples are killed on Ethiopia’s road in the last four […]

Be Visible

Your visibility on the road is key to staying safe: SEE AND BE SEEN! Driving without lights at dusk, especially […]

Lane Discipline

27% of all fatalities are linked to incorrect changing of lanes or serving, as well as 20% of all accidents […]


Unfortunately, we all witness speeding on a daily basis. Not surprisingly, speeding is one of the main contributors to the […]