Ali Zayerzadeh Profile


Ali Zayerzadeh

.        Adress: No.7, Adib 32.1, Mashhad, Iran

.        Phone: +98 935 239 5195


.        Email: [email protected]

·        Date of Birth: 24-Oct-1979

·        National ID No: 0942441907

·        Place of Birth: Mashhad – Iran

·        Birth Cert. No: 1282


I’m Road Safety Specialist at Khorasan Razavi Transportation & Terminals Organization with responsibility for data analysis including crashes, traffic count and speed cameras data as well as team management and action planning and evaluation. Since 2005 I’ve worked as Project Supervisor, Drivers’ Trainer, Lecturer and Researcher at several institutes and companies, including Mashhad Transportation & Traffic Organization, Municipality University and Ferdowsi University Accident Research Center.

I received my Master in Transportation from University of Tehran in 2005 and my professional interests focus on Road Safety Issues especially vulnerable road user behavior, drivers’ behavior change and effect of ITS on traffic accidents. In addition, I serve as director of Road Safety Pioneers NGO, and I’m a member of Transportation Ministry Road Safety Think Tank. I’ve written more than 50 papers about road safety related issues and have attended different road safety related conferences, workshops and courses in Iran, Georgia, Sweden, Brazil, the Netherlands, Malaysia, India, Greece, etc.


  • Master of Transportation

Sep. 2003- Nov. 2005, University of Tehran, Iran, G.P.A: 16.19/20

(Dissertation: “Safety Evaluation of Accident Black-spots in Khorasan Province”, Grade: 20/20)

  • Sc, Civil Engineering

Sep. 1998-Feb. 2003, Azad University of Mashhad

  • English: Excellent in 4 Skills, IELTS Academic (Band Score 6.5)

Language Skills

  • French: Intermediate
  • Arabic: Intermediate
  • German: Basic

Work Experiences

  • (Nov 2010-June 2014 and June 2017-Now) Khorasan Razavi Road Maintenance and Transportation Organization, Road Safety Specialist. Main activities include:
    • Crash Data Analysis and Report Writing
    • Design Educational Materials for Children Aged Under 15 Years Old
    • Road Safety Assessment and Improvement Around Schools Project Supervisor
    • Design and Implement Educational Road Safety Courses for Primary School Teachers
    • Design and Implement Educational Road Safety Courses for Local Governors and Policy Makers


  • (Feb 2016–Now) Road Safety Pioneers (RSP), Founder and CEO. Main activities include:
    • Public Awareness Campaigns (#savekidslives, #slowdown, #EveryLife #SpeakUp)
    • Commemoration of World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims
    • Educational Road Safety Courses for Primary School Students, Motorcyclists, Professional Drivers, etc.
    • Road Safety Course for Traffic Police Officers and Transport Managers
    • Making Road Safety Related Short Advertisement Videos
    • Holding International Best Road Safety Experiences Webinars
    • Conduct Scientific Research (Driver fatigue, Speed Limits, Road Safety Performance Functions)
  • (June 2014-June 2017) Khorasan Razavi Road Maintenance and Transportation Organization, Head of Traffic Management Center. Main duties include:
    • Provincial Manager of “National Speed Camera Deployment Project “
    • Speed Cameras Data Analysis
    • Crash scene management and crash report writing in cooperation with police and EMS
    • WIM project management and create report on the effect of overloading trucks on road safety
    • CCTV, VMS, VSL, WIM and Speed Cameras procurement and maintenance
    • Budget Management
  • (Sep 2005-Oct 2010) Mashhad Transportation & Traffic Organization(MTTO), Traffic Expert, Main activities include:
    • Writing proposals for traffic management studies
    • Oversee “Accident Black-spots”, “Pedestrian Safety” and “Bicycle Routes Planning” studies carried out by MTTO`s consultants
    • Member of committee for preparing traffic related guidelines, handbooks, manuals, etc.
  • (2017-Now( Defensive Driving Trainer, Road Ministry and UK Strategic Analytic Team (SAT)
  • (2008-Now( Teaching Traffic Safety and English Course, Municipality University of Mashhad
  • (2007-Now) Road Safety Trainer at different course and workshops for professional drivers, pupils, motorcyclists, managers and different transport related experts
  • (Feb 2014–2016) Road Safety Supporters Society NGO, Program Coordinator
  • (2008-2016) Ferdowsi University Accident Research Center, Part-Time Researcher
  • (2004-2008) Transportation Research Center (Road Ministry of Iran), Consultant
  • (Sep 2003-June 2005) Atiesaz Consulting, Traffic Expert at Tehran Intersections Management Project

Computer & IT Skills

  • Traffic & Transportation Packages: AIMSUN, VISSIM, SCATS, HICAP
  • GIS: ArcGIS
  • Data Visualization: Tableau, Power BI
  • Graphic: AutoCAD, Photoshop
  • Utilities:S. OFFICE (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access)
  • Statistical Packages: SPSS, STATA
  • Other Packages: Expert Choice (AHP), MS Project

Professional Skills

  • Data Analysis
  • Proposal Writing and Conducting Research Projects
  • Take Evidence-based and Data-driven Approach to Road Safety Interventions
  • Road Safety Public Awareness Campaigns Design, Implementation and Evaluation
  • Providing technical and practical advice on road safety strategies and actions
  • Team-working and Team Management
  • Familiar with Capacity Building Techniques
  • Strategic Planning, Target Setting, Performance Indicators
  • Design and Implement Tailored Road Safety Training Courses
  • Remarkable Communication and Negotiation Skills
  • Presentation and Mentoring Skills
  • Technical Report Writing
  • Budget Management
  • Time management and working with deadlines and tight schedules
  • Following Updated Road Safety References Including Books, Manuals, Guidelines, Handbooks, etc.
  • Building Partnership with Road Safety Stakeholders Toward Predefined Goals

Research Experiences

  • (2019-) Local Project Manager, Speed Management based on Safe system/ Result-Based Management Approach (Khorasan Razavi Province)
  • (2019-20) Project Leader, School Safety Assessment using Star Rating for Schools Methodolgy
  • (2018-19) Supervisor, ‘Khorasan Razavi Road Safety Performance Indicators Analysis’
  • (2016-18) Supervisor, ‘Khorasan Razavi 5-year GIS-based Crash Data Analysis 2013-2018’
  • (2013-14) Researcher, “Guidelines for Pedestrian Safety Management in Khorasan Razavi Province”, RMTO,
  • (2012-13) Researcher, “Developing Hazardous Materials’ Incidents Management Framework in Khorasan Razavi Province”, RMTO
  • (2010-12) Researcher, “Passenger Vehicle Drivers` Behavior and Rural Road Accidents in Iran”, University of Mashhad Accident Research Center
  • (2011) Researcher, “ITS in Police to Improve Road Safety”, Police University
  • (2008-2010)Researcher ,“Safety Level Comparison for Applying Different Types of Urban Interchanges in a Specific Location”
  • (Winter 2007-Spring 2008) Researcher, “Developing Mashhad Traffic Accidents Database in GIS”, Mashhad Traffic & Transportation Org.
  • (2007-2008) Supervision of Transportation Studies, “Mashhad Bicycle Dedicated Routes Planning”, Mashhad Traffic and Transportation Org.
  • (2007-2008) Researcher ,“Optimum Design of Urban Street’s Environment to Reduce Safety Problems and Vehicle-Pedestrian Conflicts”, Mashhad Traffic & Transportation Org. (MTTO)
  • (2006-2007) Head of Research Project, “Economic and Technical Comparison of Using Concrete Medians and Guardrails in Iranian Roads”, Tehran Municipality
  • Head of Research Project, “Driver Fatigue and Road Accidents in Iran”, Transportation Research Institute, (2004-2005)
  • (2003-2004) Researcher ,“Application of Micro-surfacing in pavements”, Tarbiat Modarres University, Tehran, Iran
  • (2003-2005) Head of Research Project, “Safety Effectiveness of Road Barriers in Urban Highways”, Tehran Traffic Organization


  • Reviewer at 2 Journals: JIVR and C.E.J and Some Conferences (World Safety 2020)
  • 1st Top Paper Award in the 3rd Conference on Road Accidents, Zanjan, 21 May 2014.
  • Khorasan Razavi Transportation & Terminals Organization Honored Expert, 2011& 2013.
  • 2nd Top Paper Award in the 1st “Mashhad-Traffic-Future” Conference, July 2008.
  • Executive Committee Member of Mashhad Road and Transportation Symposium 2007-Now.
  • UN Global Road Safety Week Photo Contest Winner, JHIIRU and Global Alliance 2017
  • Honorable Mention Award in Ultra Short Video Section, Sep 2016, Finland, and Finalist Award in Campaign Section, Sep 2018, Thailand International Safety Media Awards (ISMA)
  • Best Practice in Road Traffic Safety Award, 24th International Conference on Safe Community, Iran

Courses and Workshops

  • Star Rating for Schools Online Training, iRAP, March-May 2020
  • Think Road Safety – Road Safety Training for External PARTNERS, World Bank, Online, May 2020
  • Road Safety Social Marketing Workshop, WHO office, Tehran, Iran, March 2020
  • Road Safety Innovation Workshop, iRAP, Stockholm, Sweden, Feb 2020
  • Road Safety Campaign Management Workshop, Global Alliance of Road Safety NGOs, Stockholm, Sweden, Feb 2020
  • Road Safety Advocates Training, Global Alliance of Road Safety NGOs, New Delhi, India, Nov 2018
  • Safety Data and Analysis Fundamentals Training for Data Analysts Course by FHWA – August 2018
  • Road Traffic Injury Prevention and Control in Low- and Middle-Income Countries Online Course by Johns Hopkins International Injury Research Unit – August 2017
  • RTIP Advanced Module 1: Assessing the Health and Economic Burden of RTIs by Johns Hopkins International Injury Research Unit – August 2017
  • Road Safety Legislation Course by Johns Hopkins International Injury Research Unit – August 2017
  • Behavior Change and Social Marketing Course, Malaysia, April 2017
  • Controlling Exposure to Driving-Related Hazards, Road Safety at Work Partnership, Aug 2017
  • Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment, Road Safety at Work Partnership, Aug 2017
  • Highway Safety Manual (HSM) Online Overview Course, FHWA, August 2017
  • Injury Prevention Course, Peoples-Uni, Aug. 2017
  • Road Safety at Work: Online Course for Managers, by Cranfield University, EASST and IRU Academy, March 2017
  • Road Safety 101 Course, The University of North Carolina Highway Safety Research Center, Jan-Mar 2017
  • Road Safety Major Risk Areas on-line Course, Sep-Nov 2016
  • Delft Road Safety Course, Delft University, The Netherlands, 14-25 Sep. 2015
  • Road Safety Workshop, Shiraz, Iran, 5-6 Feb.2015.
  • Road Safety Workshop, Batumi, Georgia, 8-12 Dec.2014.
  • Accident Report Writing Course, Tehran, Iran, Apr 2014.
  • ITS & Road Safety Management Course, Tehran, Iran, Aug 2013.
  • Transportation Economy Course, Tehran, Iran, Jan 2013.
  • Road Safety Analysis Software Course, Tehran, Iran, Sep 2012.
  • Incident Management Course, Tehran, Iran, Jul 2012.
  • Road Safety Engineering Course, Tehran, Iran, Nov 2011 – June 2012.
  • Road Safety Audit Course, Mashhad, Iran, 10-12 Jan 2012.
  • Research in Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion: Designs, Methods and Analysis. Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden; 20 Oct- 21 Nov 2008.
  • Metropolis Intl. Training Workshop in Public Transport, Mashhad, Iran, 19-22 May 2008.
  • 1st Workshop on Urban Lighting, Mashhad, Iran, 16-17 Jan 2007.
  • System Quality Management Course, Mashhad, Iran, 15-20 Aug 2008.
  • International Traffic Safety Workshop, Tehran, Iran, 11 June 2007.
  • Metropolis Educational Program among Municipality of Mashhad and Toronto University on Road Infrastructures, Mashhad, Iran, October 2007.
  • SCATS (Sydney Coordinated Adaptive Traffic Systems) Software Training Workshop, Mashhad, Iran, 28-30 Dec 2008.


  • International Council on Alcohol, Drugs and Traffic Safety (ICADTS)
  • Eastern Alliance for Safe and Sustainable Transport (EASST) Expertise’s Road Safety Expert
  • Road Ministry Traffic Safety Think Thank
  • National Traffic Elites Society
  • Khorasan-e-Razavi Province Road Safety Committee
  • Khorasan-e-Razavi Province Traffic Experts Committee
  • Technical Committee of Iranian Traffic Experts Association
  • Transportation Engineers Association of Iran
  • Civil Engineers Association of Iran


  • Intelligent Transportation Systems Course (Mashhad Municipality Experts)
  • Speed Cameras and Speed Management Workshop (Police Officers)
  • Defensive Driving Course (Doha Petroleum Professional Drivers, Ferdowsi University Employees)
  • Hazardous Materials Course (Professional Truck and Bus Drivers)
  • Safe System Approach Workshop (Tehran Transportation Conference)
  • Road Safety Basics Course (School-aged Children)
  • Traffic Safety and Crash Costs Course (Several Universities, Conferences)
  • SUMRICA (Sustainable Urban Mobility Research in Central Asia) TUB School – Uzbekistan 2019

Published Papers

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Recommendations (From LinkedIn)

Fred Wegman – Professor Traffic Safety at TU Delft

I know Ali from 2015 when he was attending the Delft Road Safety Course where I was the course leader. During the course he was an active participant, both in terms of discussing the topics and sharing his experiences with others. Since 2010 he’s been working at Khorasan Razavi RMTO as road safety expert with main responsibility for crash data analysis. He works well in teams and easily making connection with people. He is very active on social media and effectively uses his photography and video making abilities in road safety related activities like public awareness campaigning.

Dipan Bose, Ph.D. – Senior Transport Specialist at World Bank Group

I met Ali during an international road safety conference held in Tehran and got to learn more about his research in the field of road safety. He has been very active in the professional networks to address road safety issues using data-driven and evidence-based approaches. Wish him all the best with his work.

Barbara Król – Consultant at UNICEF

Ali brings attention to detail to every project, demonstrates excellent research approach and intellectual curiosity. His communication and people skills are excellent, and he has some very innovative ideas and constantly refers to interesting road safety studies to encourage int’l experts’ community for implementation of most effective interventions based on int’l best practice. In the time I’ve known him, Ali has consistently been rising his competence in all aspects of road safety — completing high level courses and participating in research projects executed to the fullest. I hope to work with Ali again. 


Emma MacLennan – Director General at Eastern Alliance for Safe and Sustainable Transport

Ali Zayerzadeh is a highly motivated and talented road safety professional. As Head of the Traffic Management Centre for the Khorasan Razavi Traffic & Terminals Organisation, he has great experience in data collection and analysis, which he puts to very good use in the development of their road safety policies and practice. He is also the Co-Founder and Director of a road safety NGO, Road Safety Pioneers, which does much to improve road safety awareness thanks to his tireless activity.

Shane O’Connor – CSR & Road Safety Strategist at FedEx

I’ve known Ali for several years. I know of no one more passionate about road safety. He’s a constant advocate and brings important visibility to the global road safety crisis.


Nima Arbabi, MSc., P.Eng. – Transportation Engineer

Road safety expert!! Ali is very active in the professional networks to highlight road safety issues by conducting research projects, holding road safety courses and a doing great as a campaigner. In difficult projects always he brings up with creative solutions and his ability to work in a team of professionals from different disciplines and managing the team is admirable. I really appreciate his flexibility, positive looking and logical approach. No one would regret selecting him as a colleague!”


Gela Kvashilava  -The UNECE Lead Consultant, Founder/Chairman of Partnership for Road Safety

Ali is a hardworking, knowledgeable and target oriented person in road safety field. He always looking for out of the box solutions based on the best international and local experience.


Pedro Montenegro -Project Manager – Reducing road risk

Ali Zayerzadeh is one of the people I know with more activity and commitment in the field of Road Safety. We are still very few at World-wide level, believing it is possible to do much more, to end this tragedy of more than 1.3 million deaths by year on the road, also in 2018 … In order to be able to develop actions and the Plans to reduce Road Casualties we need to raise awareness of society and all those who take on this challenge are important! Success for your work Ali!


Julio Urzua -Director for Latin America and the Caribbean in iRAP

I have had the pleasure of interacting with Ali and seeing his work. Ali´s expertise and passion will make him an asset to any team. Ali earns my recommendation.


Arif Uddin -Manager , Road Safety at BRAC

I know Mr, Ali Zayerzadeh from 2015. It’s amazing to see his reach and expertise in all pillar of road safety, Apart from road safety engineering, his sound knowledge in education, enforcement, advocacy and even in post-trauma care is praiseworthy. Moreover, his passionate and active involvement in social media is a great help for road safety world. I wish him best for upcoming days and hope he will be continuing his noble job in saving many lives on the road around the world.


Ehsan Jamshidi – Traffic Planner at Via Trafik Consulting A/S

After a long time of cooperation with Ali, I would call him an engineer with multi-tasking potential. An innovative person who always comes with a new suggestion. A patient member of a team, that makes joint work much easy and finally a professional in making connection with people, regardless their age, knowledge, nationality and etc.


Hamid Safi – Senior Transport Modeller

I had the pleasure of working with Ali for three years during my employment at the Ministry of Road and Transport. We had collaboration on several project teams, mainly related to road safety management and engineering. Ali had valuable contribution in several major projects, such as the development of National Road Safety Action Plan of Iran. I was impressed by Ali’s technical and research skills and his ability in managing and delivery of difficult projects. Ali has achieved these skills relying his several years of experience working on different disciplines and traffic and transport engineering. I strongly recommend Ali and believe that he would be an asset to any company.


Engr. Emmanuel John – Director of Administration & Strategy at Transportation Growth Initiative(TGI)-NGO

Ali is an interesting road safety professional with national and global experience. Since we met, I have known him to be a highly enlightened, passionate, dedicated, responsible and reliable expert whose contagious zeal represent virtues other experts need to end avoidable deaths and injuries on the world’s roads.


Marwan Mahmud – President, Malaysia Driving Instructors Association (MyDIA)

I’ve met Ali for the first time at the Global Meeting for Road Safety NGOs last year in 2017 in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Very passionate and has a good knowledge in road safety! I believe he has vast experience to improve road safety not just in his country but may help others as well. Keep up the great work in road safety Ali! Help us to make our roads safer


Saeed Kerayehchian, PE – Traffic/Transportation Engineer at VX Studio

Ali is extremely skilled in Road Safety. He is one of the most energetic and passionate Road Safety Specialist I have met in RMTO. He will be a valuable member on any Highway Safety Team.

Anne-Sophie Corret – Consultant in Marketing and Communication

I have known Ali since 2015 as part of the United Nations Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020. Ali is among the most committed road safety advocates in the world. He is very active in the domain: as a great team player he always supports the international road safety community by participating to the most prominent events in the field around the world. Always present at renown events, he is also very active onto the social media networks where he constantly shares with all his road safety research work. Ali has strong communication skills, he is a very good speaker and has great human skills. He is a very valuable asset to the cause of road safety awareness and to any team in general.

Simon Kalolo – Programme Manager at

A passionate and honest road safety advocate. Ali’s professionalism is excellent!


Miriam Moya – Perito Judicial – Profesora Experto en Gestión y Dirección de la Seguridad Vial. ONU-RACE-CIFAL Madrid Universidad Europea

Ali puts a lot of dedication to its work. He is detail-oriented and has great organisational capabilities. He has gained a lot of expertise in the field of road safety throughout the years.


Lars Akkermans – Senior Consultant mobility and road safety at IMEC, Belgium

Ali is a highly motivated road safety expert who combines very sound methodological knowledge with practical skills. Ali already has an impressive track record, and is very much up to speed with different groups of road safety measures (engineering, enforcement, education).


Ghazwan Al-Haji – Associate Professor at Linköping University

Ali is a Road safety expert! He is active in research and public campaigning areas of road safety include accident data analysis and scientific based. I enjoy always his seminars, presentations, selection of slides, good practices, recent data and knowledge from different countries which demonstrate good and wide understanding of Traffic Safety subject nationally, regionally and internationally. All the best and keep the good work as you do.


Yolanda Domenech – Psicóloga y Directora en P(A)T – FEVR Psychological Support Consult – WDoR Advisory Council Coordinator

Ali Zayerzadeh is highly committed with road safety. He runs success public awareness campaigns on social media. He has a scientific approach to projects based on data analysis. He is the Co-Founder and Director of a road safety NGO, Road Safety Pioneers, I met him in different international conferences of the Global Alliance of NGO’s for Road Safety in which he contributed with his knowledge and experience.


Joop Goos, MSc – Technical Project Director at Road Safety-Vision Zero for Turkey at Egis

Ali has analytical skills and is focused on results. He understands that working evidenced-based is the best way to achieve sustainable results in the field of road safety and the development goals. He has a lot of knowledge and is always open to increase it and to keep it up to date. He likes to share his experiences and know-how with others through conferences, Facebook and Webinars. He acts as a trainer and advocate. He is an advocate of the Global Alliance for Road Safety NGOs. He has also empathic skills and combined with his strong commitment to the good cause of saving lives on our roads, he knows how to bring people together and to build strong teams.A