Campaign Management Training

Our Executive Director Mr. Mesganaw Bimrew, successfully finished the Campaign Management Training organized by the Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety with support from FedEx.

The training was joined by the  22 participants from different countries. During the three (3) day training, the participants were introduced to Advocacy Campaign followed by the Alliance Advocacy Campaign modelling where the participants were able to discuss the  experiences in collecting the commitments from government leaders and how the World Round Table Discussions were managed.

During the training, it was able to help the participants to define the intention; what do we want to achieve and why , followed by gathering knowledge and becoming a subject expert. How to set goals, getting support and resources while identifying and managing challenges. How to plan the campaign, it’s tactics and getting the message across. Aside from that,  the participants were taught on how to effectively communicate the message.  Also, we were  able to revisit the theory of change, the logical framework and the SWOT analysis.  All in all, the training was very  helpful in forwarding the agenda of the 3rd Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety and that is to save the lives of the people from the road traffic crashes by 2030. It is through the capacity building program of the Alliance that the members will be able to help the government halve the no. of road traffic deaths around the world.

We wish to thank Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety for organizing it,  FedEx, for funding us, our trainers, for sharing their knowledge and expertise and lastly Mr. Mesganaw want to thank his co-participants for the great leanings and camaraderie.  Indeed, If we fail to plan, we plan to fail. Thus, may we continue to plan and inspire each other as we work towards the 2030.