World Day of Remembrance

SNA has commemorated World Day of Remembrance for Traffic crash victims together with Embassy of the United States of America.

Save the Nation Association actively engaged in raising the awareness of road safety precautions in Ethiopia.

SNA has held a commemorations event in the grounds of the U.S Embassy here in Addis Ababa to mark the 11th World Remembrance Day for Traffic Crash victims.

The event to commemorate the victims was held by SNA and the Federal Traffic police commission with the attendance by the Addis Ababa Traffic Police.

Students from elementary and secondary school from the capital Addis Ababa have attended the ceremony.

Representatives from the federal police commission who attended the ceremony reaffirmed their commitment to maintain the already strong relationships they have built with SNA to reduce road traffic fatalities in the country and also continue to train students from primary and secondary schools.

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