Road Safety Situation Assessments Conducted in Addis Ababa city

Donor:  AMENED (U.S Road Safety Organization), New York.

Implementer: Save the Nation Association (SNA).

Time line: August, 2016

  1. Survey Research was conducted on school children constituted from 3 Government schools. The survey focused on the use of mode of transport among 500 school children who are between the age of 8 and 13 that is to recognize their level of exposure to road traffic injury. And the result of the survey indicated that most of the school children 440 of them (88%) walk to go to the school and come back home from the school while the rest 60 of them (12%) use other modes of transport like taxi, bus and three wheeler. This is because school children use schools nearer to their villages and prefer not to use taxi and other modes of transports due to economical problems. Hence, school children exposure to risk of road traffic injury is high as they walk to go to the school and come home.
  2. Based on the instruction of AMEND, other road safety assessment activities were performed as mentioned below:

Road user while walking carrying bulky material hazardously and likely to be injured by vehicles was taken a picture at Churchill Avenue. The other was a child who was vulnerable for road traffic injury while crossing the road was observed at Dejach Mekonen Demissew Street, and it was recommended that an adult/traffic police should be with kid whenever he/she crosses road. Furthermore, public transport i.e. taxies and minibuses likely to cause crashes and road traffic injury were observed and a picture was taken at Fitawrari Habte Giorgis Street. Additionally, in a city of Addis Ababa a busiest high way serving various mixed of vehicles showing road traffic injury risks were observed and a picture was taken at Airport road. Persons pushing carts in the wrong way and unsafely was observed at Ras Aregay Street Mexico Square. The overloaded vehicle likely to cause a crash was observed at Fitawerari Gebeyehu Street. The assessment of road traffic victim was conducted, the victim was named Solomon and he was born in Addis Ababa and he was hit by a female driver while he was playing football inside the road and he was taken to the hospital for treatment but his right leg was cut off now he is living alone by engaging in petty trade. Therefore, from road safety assessment we can conclude that in Addis Ababa city there are various interlinked factors contributing for road traffic injuries which can be categorized as factors of road network situation, vehicles problems, human behavior linked to traffic rules and regulations.

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